How Versapak provide invaluable support to Medical GP’s and Surgeries

The Situation


Flu vaccinations are offered to the UK population via the NHS, with the over 50’s receiving the inoculation free-of-charge from their GP’s and community clinics. Vulnerable individuals are automatically informed by their GP to book a vaccination and others receive by request. Pre-planning is vital for streamlining the process in such a short period of time. Additionally, the UK government have made it mandatory for children aged 11-12 years to be offered vaccination by School Nursing Teams. The culmination of this produces a need for a large-scale ‘move and manage’ process for flu vaccinations, whilst ensuring its temperature is maintained between 2 – 8⁰C to preserve its efficacy and viability.


Clinics and Surgeries


Versapak can provide Insulated Medical Vaccine Carriers, which are already used widely by the NHS, to store or transport vaccinations. Clinics and surgeries with multiple consultation rooms use a Vaccine Carrier in each room to keep the vaccines at the required temperature for the day. The vaccinations, that would otherwise be stored in the pharmacy refrigerator are close to hand.


Out of Surgery Visits


For nurses making home visits, we make our Vaccine Carriers lightweight, easy-to-carry when on foot or by car. Some home visits are far apart or remote. A Versapak can last up to 12 hours making home visits possible no matter the distance travelled in that day. For the schools, where many vaccines are required at once, we manufacture a large carrier with an internal capacity of 35 litres. More than enough for any one school.


Versapak Vaccine Carriers can maintain internal temperatures for up to 12 hours


Tamper Evident by Design


Versapak Vaccine Carriers feature our patented T2 Locking Mechanism that accepts T2 Security Seals. This allows surgeries to maintain a chain-of-custody and accountability when moving vaccines between people and locations.


The Result


A Versapak Insulated Medical Carrier provides a simple, cost effective alternative to refrigeration of vaccines when mass administration is needed. With 6, 18 and 35 litre carry options available, each one can accommodate additional cooling packs to extend the thermal duration and has a temperature monitor pocket for peace-of-mind. All secured by Versapaks Tamper Evident T2 system for peace-of-mind.

Versapak have winter all wrapped up!

  • Versapak Vaccine Carriers

    As used by the NHS and private hospitals around the world, the Versapak Insulated Vaccine Carrier is used to transport vaccines from hospitals and clinics, maintaining the internal temperature for 12 hours.

  • Ampoules Pouch

    This tamper evident Ampoules carrier is padded to protect the contents. It can hold 9 test tubes/specimen bottles and has an internal pocket with zip for paperwork.

  • COVID-19 Medical Solutions

    Versapak provide a products to help combat the Corona Virus, including carriers for specimen samples and Antimicrobial Protection Technology

  • Security Seals

    Versapak's tamper evident security seals are used for a variety of storage and transport security products. From our patented T2 security seals for Versapak's pouches and holdall to pull & tie seals used with first aid kits, boxes and containers