• Made from 100% returned, recycled plastic

    Versapak Recycled T2 Security Seals, the responsible use of plastic

    Patented design, cannot be reproduced

Versapak Recycled T2 Security Seals are made from 100% returned, recycled plastic

Versapak is delighted to bring you the very first tamper evident, recycled security seal, the Versapak Recycled T2 Security Seal, our answer to the war on plastic pollution.

Made from 100% returned, recycled plastic, we’re revolutionising the market and eliminating ‘single-use’ thanks to the new life we can breed into used plastic products. We believe plastic is used right when it is used responsibly and, thanks to our ability to reprocess used plastic, we have brought to market an environmentally friendly solution to the single use issue.

Due to the level of mixed material returned, we cannot guarantee the same colour of the Recycled Seals from batch-to-batch. Typically the colour will be a lighter shade of grey to off-white.

The Versapak Recycled Seal was only made possible thanks to your efforts. As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we’ve been running the Versapak ‘Recycle Your Seals’ scheme for many years, a scheme that allows our customers to send back the used plastic for which we would reprocess into a newly made, recycled seal. That’s right, we’ve eliminated single-use from our business and we’re proud to be able to offer a solution that brings the use of plastic full circle, which is a ‘responsible use of plastic’. If you’re not already sending back your used security seals, contact us today to see if you’re eligible to join.

Versapaks Recycled T2 Security Seal with Unique Numbers


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Features & Specifications
Security Features

Recycled T2 Security Seals - Features & Specifications

  • Made from 100% returned, recycled plastic material.
  • Uses 2 strong feet for maximum security
  • Each seal is laser etch printed with a unique sequential number
  • These numbered T2 seals come in packs of 500 seals
  • Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 1,000 seals (2 packs)

Recycled T2 Security Seals - Security Features

  1. Patented T2 Seal clicks in place with a push
  2. Large face plate for unique serial/barcode ensures the ‘chain of custody‘
  3. Two legs lock in place of the zip to prevent covert entry

Recycled T2 Security Seals - Customisation

We can print your seals with specific sequential information of even add your brand logo

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Versapak Logo Printed T2 Security Seal made from Recycled Plastic

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Versapaks Recycled T2 Security Seal with Unique Numbers

  • Sustainable Solutions

    A fellow Royal Warrant holder that is pioneering ways to reduce its plastic reliance in-store and is returning its used seals to Versapak for recycling. In September 2019, Versapak rolled out its recycling initiative to over 50 John Lewis department stores. Thanks to their efforts, we keep the unwanted plastics that take decades to degrade from entering landfill and our oceans. We like to call this the 'responsible use of plastic'