• Moving items securely, in a ‘Chain of Custody’

    Versapak Tamper Evident Security Seals

    100% Recyclable

Versapak Tamper Evident Security Seals

To complete the Versapak’s Solutions of medical carriers and security wallets, we offer a range of our own tamper evident security seals, to ensure the ‘chain of custody’ when storing sensitive items, or sending from one location to another.


Our 21st Century technology for the ultimate security, the Versapak T2 Security Seal.


Versapak’s T2 seals work with our tamper evident products by closing the zip, placing the zip puller in position and inserting the seal into the locking mechanism. When someone lifts the zipper, the seal breaks which means that you can see immediately that someone has accessed the contents.  The Versapak T2 Security Seal provides a simple, clear and effective way to monitor your sensitive and high-value items in a ‘chain of custody’.

Versapak’s T2 security seal also boasts an increased printable surface space to allow for easy scanning and readability of barcodes, numbers and QR codes. It features two strong legs for added security and it offers you the ultimate level of tamper evidence and traceability thanks to the ability to individualise seals and its patented design. The seal cannot be copied!  Use a Versapak T2 Security seal with Versapaks fitted with an equivalent locking chamber.

Finally, the Versapak T2 is now made from 100% returned, recycled plastic. That’s right, we’ve taking the remnants of used plastic to make an entirely brand new seal. The Recycled Security Seal is a great new addition to our environmentally friendly reusable Versapaks and it is the next step on our journey in becoming an organisation with sustainability in mind,

Versapak bunch of recycled security seals

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To help aid your understanding of our core offering, we created a simple-to-digest tutorial.

Features & Specifications
Security Features

T2 Security Seals - Features & Specifications

  • 2 strong legs for maximum security
  • Guaranteed against debris build up, prolongs the life of the bag
  • Each seal is printed with a unique sequential number for added security
  • These numbered T2 seals come in packs of 500 seals
  • Can be Made from 100% returned, recycled plastic material
  • Available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange and White, stock colours
  • Also available as a 100% Recycled Security Seal

T2 Security Seals - Security Features


  1. Patented T2 Seal clicks in place with a push
  2. Large face plate for unique serial/barcode ensures the ‘chain of custody‘
  3. Two legs lock in place of the zip to prevent covert entry
  4. Security seal is 100% Recyclable
  5. Once secured, the items are impossible to access without evidence of tampering

T2 Security Seals - Certification

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Versapak bunch of recycled security seals


  • German Grocery Retailer

    Versapak helps a fast growing German grocery retailer to send vital business documents securely between its locations