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Versapak manufactures bespoke, tamper evident products for a wide range of industries. For the medical industry, we make temperature controlled, antimicrobial medical transport carriers for blood, human organs and medicines. We can protect cash, high value equipment and even votes for elections. Any size, colour, or overprinted message, we can deliver what you need quickly and cost-effectively.

COVID-19 Medical Solutions

We can provide a range of products to help combat COVID-19 including Antimicrobial Medical Carriers and Single-Use Specimen Bags

Food Delivery Carriers

Versapak Food Delivery Carriers used for transporting groceries or hot/chilled meals

Recycled T2 Security Seals

Versapak is delighted to bring you the very first tamper evident, recycled security seal, the Versapak Recycled T2 Security Seal, our answer to the war on plastic pollution.

Padded Electronics Carrier

Used by electronics organisations worldwide to store and transport multiple smart phones or tablets for repairs replacing the need for single-use bubble wrap envelopes.

High Volume Mailing Pouch

Versapak’s High Volume Mailing Wallets are used in government organisations, offices and hospitals to store and transport sensitive personal data or documents in a ‘chain of custody’.

Flat Document Mailing Wallets

Versapak Flat Mailing Wallets are secure and tamper evident, when you need to send confidential documents in a ‘chain of custody’

Bulk Mailing Pouches

Versapak Bulk Mailing Pouches are ideal for securing sensitive documents and folders in a tamper evident manner, using a patented T2 locking mechanism to maintain a chain of custody.

Key Wallets

Versapak Secure Key Wallets are ideal for securing keys and other personal items in a tamper evident manner. Key wallets feature a transparent back to see the contents.

Secure & Reusable Cash Bags

Versapak’s secure sealed cash bags assist in transporting and storing bank notes, coins and other valuable items

ATM Cash in Transit Carrier

The Versapak ATM Carrier is designed for moving an ATM cassette in a tamper evident manner, giving organisations that deal with vast amounts of cash their peace-of-mind.

Secure Holdall

Versapak’s secure holdalls are an integral part of procedures in banks, offices, retail outlets and document storage facilities

Tamper Evident Cash Sacks

Our Tamper Evident Cash Sacks are ideal for managing multiple bags and pouches of cash in a tamper evident manner.

Antimicrobial Medical Carriers

Versapak Antimicrobial Carriers are proven to reduce the risk of bacterial/microbial cross-contamination

Blood-in-Transit Carriers

Versapak’s Blood Carriers are used in hospitals and used to transport blood and specimens across the country and are insulated, to maintain the temperature for up to 6 hours.

Insulated Medical Carrier

Versapak’s Insulated Medical Carriers keep the contents cool thanks to our insulation technology. They are also fitted with a tamper evident locking mechanism to move items in a chain of custody.

Insulated Vaccine Carriers

Versapak’s Insulated Vaccine Carriers keep the contents cool thanks to the insulation technology. Ideal for transporting vital medication, for inoculations at peak times of the year.

Padded Ampoules Pouch

Versapak’s Ampoules Pouch is padded to ensure contents do not break. They are also fitted with a tamper evident locking mechanism to move items in a chain of custody.

Ballot Box

Versapak ballot boxes are convenient and tamper evident and are used worldwide to ensure clean and fair elections.

Electoral Presiding Officers Tamper Evident Carrier

Uses a Versapak Tamper Evident T2 Seal to provide security with an indication of tampering of unauthorised access.

T2 Security Seals

Versapak’s Security Seals for all our wallets, pouches and holdalls are used to provide an indication of tampering and act as a deterrent against unauthorised access of items packed within Versapak Pouches and Holdalls

Tamper Evident Cable Seals

From fire extinguishers to shipping containers, Versapak offers a wide range of tamper evident pull and tie seals to help protect your goods