Versapak declares Carbon Footprint, as part of the the Versapak Sustainability Initiatives


As part of our commitment to become more responsible to the environment around us, Versapak International Ltd publish their Carbon Footprint for financial year 2016-17.

Click here to download the report.

Versapak are proud to be involved with sustaining the environment.  “Our planets resources are limited, yet the population is growing and in doing so, it needs to consume more” says Ian Anderson, Chairman.  “We all need to find ways to conserve our natural resources and become more sustainable – for the future of all businesses.”  Our mission is to be the advocate of reusable / renewable solutions and our commitment to these values is the foundation of our company.  Next year, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint based on the key measures of energy and resource consumption…

… and through our effort of growing the business of reusable bags, we can also encourage others to do their part.