• Improving your outcomes, while reducing costs!

    Antimicrobial Medical Carriers

    Featuring BioCote© Technology

  • Protecting your valuables on their journey

    Tamper evident bag and security solutions since 1973

    Versapak is a manufacturer of Tamper Evident bags, pouches and security seals

  • Secure, Tamper Evident Storage & Transport Solutions

    We help organisations around the world transport and protect their sensitive items when transporting within the chain of custody. Whether securing important documents or medical specimens, we manufacture tamper evident bags and security seals to suit your needs. Versapak products are manufactured at our European factory by hand, giving you unbeatable quality and all of our bags come with a five-year guarantee. Versapak makes products tailored to customer needs, and we are proud of our long-lasting business relationships.

  • Secure Holdall

    Versapak's secure holdalls are an integral part of procedures in banks, offices, retail outlets and document storage facilities

  • Temperature Controlled Bag

    Versapak's insulated medical carriers keep contents temperature controlled

  • Secure Cash Bag

    Versapak's secure cash bags assist in transporting and storing bank notes, coins and other valuable items

  • Ballot Box

    The Versapak Ballot Box is designed to ensure secure and fair elections.

Versapak makes tamper evident bag solutions for every industry

From our factory in Europe, we manufacture a vast range of tamper evident products, tailored to your needs

  • What our customers say

    "Versapak was extremely helpful and their service was exemplary. They advised us on what type of tamper evident bag would fit best on the motorbikes and how to insulate the bag to keep the temperature constant. They also recommended a tamper evident sealing system using security and tamper seals to show that the bag has remained unopened on its journey from the Milk Bank,” said Lynda Coulter of the Milk Bank.