• Cash Handling Solutions

    Managing Cash-in-Transit as handling cash becomes beyond reproach

Cash Handling Solutions

All Versapak cash in transit bags are fitted with our unique, patented Versapak T2 locking mechanism so the contents cannot be disturbed without your knowledge. We work with cash office around the world to develop cash security solutions suitable for the ‘chain of custody’.  We also provide tamper resistant solutions for other applications, from chip and pin machine carriers to ATM collection systems, till drawer covers to cash sacks. Versapak knows how to handle cash.

  • What our customers say about Versapak Reusable Cash Bags

    “We use Versapak as it means less impact on the environment and we also gained financially. Our locations demanded two single-use bags costing 19p each. The Versapak Solution was just 12.5p in comparison making a 35% cost saving and a near 100% environmental saving of plastic waste thanks to the re-usability of our Versapaks."

Using a Versapak cash-in-transit bag in place of paper or polythene envelopes has resulted in as much as 90% savings for our customers

Tamper evident and traceable when used with Versapak numbered or barcoded T2 security seal

Versapak cash bags are manufactured in a variety of sizes and colours

  • Secure Cash Bags

    These genuine Versapak secure cash bags are specially designed for storing and transporting cash in a tamper evident manner on a daily basis, without using single-use disposable bags.

  • Cash-In-Transit Carriers

    The Versapak secure ATM cassette carrier is used to safely transport ATM cassettes. Each bag is able to hold a single cassette and is secured with a T2 tamper evident security seal.

  • Secure Holdalls

    Versapak's secure holdalls are an integral part of procedures in banks, retail outlets and cash-in-transit organisations. They are made in various sizes and reinforced materials to suit all needs.

  • Cash Sacks

    Used when moving bulky amounts of cash and coins, the Versapak cash sack uses a T-bar closure mechanism to secure the contents.