• Maintains Internal Temperature for up to 6 Hours

    Insulated Vaccine Carriers for Safely Transporting Vital Medication

    Reusable, over 2,000 times

Versapak PYTBVAC Insulated Vaccine Carriers

Used across the medical industry, The Versapak Insulated Vaccine Transport Carrier has been carefully designed and manufactured, in consultation with NHS Trusts to store and carry vaccinations that need vital distribution in peak seasons, as it can maintain the internal temperature for up to 6 hours.. This carrier adheres to UN3373 and P650 regulations for category B substances.

As with all our Versapaks, you can use them over 2,000 times and we guarantee for five years. Versapak’s Vaccine Carrier is available in different sizes and have rigid, built-in impact protectors and padding. The carrier can withstand a drop of 1.2 metres without damaging the contents and it incorporates our latest Versapak T2 Security zip closure, so you can use with our T2 security seals, which are numbered or barcoded to make them easy to track and trace.

Versapak Vaccine Carrier

Features & Specifications
Security Features

Insulated Vaccine Carriers - Features & Specifications

  • Built-in rigid impact protectors and internal padding
  • Fitted with Thinsulate insulation which helps to maintain the temperature of the contents for up to 6 hours
  • An internal storage sleeve holds cool blocks as required
  • Designed and tested to withstand a drop of 1.2m without damaging the contents
  • Reusable over 2,000 times.
  • 5 year guarantee

Dimensions (WxHxD):

  • Small 7.75 litre (PYTBVAC1)
    • External dimensions: 305 x 305 x 170mm
    • Internal dimensions: 250 x 230 x 135mm
  • Medium 20.5 litre (PYTBVAC2)
    • External dimensions: 460 x 305 x 255mm
    • Internal dimensions: 415 x 230 x 215mm
  • Large 38.5 litre (PYTBVAC3)
    • External dimensions: 650 x 380 x 255mm
    • Internal dimensions: 590 x 315 x 225mm

Available in Orange stock colour

Also available with Antimicrobial Technology in Ice Blue and Red

(other sizes and colours available, see ‘customisation’ page to design your own Versapak)

Insulated Vaccine Carriers - Security Features


  1. Patented T2 Seal clicks in place with a push
  2. Large face plate for unique serial/barcode ensures the ‘chain of custody‘
  3. Two legs lock in place of the zip to prevent covert entry
  4. Security seal is 100% Recyclable
  5. Once secured, the items are impossible to access without evidence of tampering

Insulated Vaccine Carriers - Customisation

We can tailor make to your specific need and make your very own Versapak.  Choose your options:

  • Overprinting
  • Size
  • Mailing windows
  • Handles
  • Material colours



Versapaks product customisation


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