• We provide solutions that can reduce the spread of Viruses and Bacteria

    Versapak Medical Solutions for Specimen Control

    Antimicrobial Medical Carriers and Specimen Bags

Versapak COVID-19 Product Solutions

We provide solutions that can reduce the spread of COVID-19. They include packs of COVID-19 specimen bags and absorbent pads.

Our antimicrobial carriers are a major breakthrough technology within the medical sector, protecting and actively reducing the presence of microbes that lead to the colonisation and spreading of bacteria, including MRSA, E-Coli and other common types of virus.  Versapak’s medical carrier can be used for a multitude of specialist transport needs, including transporting COVID-19 specimens. We can also supply packs of specimen bags and absorbent pads that are UN3373 compliant, for safely storing and transport specimens.  5 kPa specimen transport bags are designed to ensure safe and compliant storage and transport of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples.

The medical carriers are UN3373 and P650 compliant and feature padded and rigid insulation for protection and temperature control and are each fitted with our patented T2 tamper evident zip closure for Versapaks T2 Security Seals.  You need to seal your carrier to be compliant with UN3373 and P650.


Antimicrobial in Action

Antimicrobial technology reduces bacteria on treated surfaces

Features & Specifications
Security Features

COVID-19 Medical Solutions - Features & Specifications

Antimicrobial technology is proven, the benefits are simple:

  • Products protected with antimicrobial technology are easier to keep hygienically clean
  • Antimicrobial protection lasts the expected lifetime of the product
  • Antimicrobial technology can help reduce the risk of bacterial/microbial cross-contamination
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
    • Medium Carrier 20.5 litre (ANTIMICROBE4)
      • External dimensions: 460 x 305 x 255mm
      • Internal dimensions: 415 x 230 x 215mm
    • Polythene Envelope:
      • Dimensions: 185 x 177mm
    • Absorbent Pad:
      • Dimensions: 90 x 50mm

(Also check out our Blood in Transit Carriers, also available with Antimicrobial Protection)

COVID-19 Medical Solutions - Security Features


  1. Patented T2 Seal clicks in place with a push
  2. Large face plate for unique serial/barcode ensures the ‘chain of custody‘
  3. Two legs lock in place of the zip to prevent covert entry
  4. Security seal is 100% Recyclable
  5. Once secured, the items are impossible to access without evidence of tampering

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  • We provide solutions that can reduce the spread of Viruses and Bacteria

    Tests performed on our products prove that Antimicrobial technology reduces bacteria by 99.5% after two hours and by 99.99% after 24 hours. In fact, it can significantly reduce 80% of the microbes within 15 minutes. Microbes such as:

    - Viruses, including inactivating the influenza virus (H1N1)

    - Bacteria including E.coli, MRSA, VRE and CRE strains

    - Unpleasant mould such as Aspergillus Niger