• Securing the 'chain of custody'

    Versapak Cable Security Seals ensure the Integrity of your Goods and Equipment

    Provides an Indication of Tampering

Versapak Cable Security Seals

From fire extinguishers to shipping containers, Versapak offers a wide range of tamper evident cable security seals to help protect your goods. We offer a selection of sealing solutions including plastic security seals, cable ties, security bolts and locks.  Our different seals are available in a range of colours and are printed with unique numbers for extra security.


Versapak security seals and locks are available to suit a vast range of applications. All seals and locks provide an indication of tampering into everything from a medicine cabinet to a lorry transporting items across borders.  Many seals are designed so that emergency access is easy when required, like for fire extinguishers. However, integrity remains the focus when you really need to be sure no one gets in and nothing gets out until it is authorised – we also supply security bolts that require cutters to remove them.

Since 1973, Versapak has worked with organisations to create tamper evident solutions that work across a vast number of applications. We are experts in the field and are always looking to be a step ahead of the market.


Learn how your shipments are secured in a ‘chain-of-custody’


Tamper Evident Cable Seals - Specification

  • Versapak Cable Security Seals are available with plastic or metal security fixings
  • Choose from various lengths to suit most needs
  • Each cable security seal is individually number for traceability
  • Choose from a number of different colours to code different applications
  • Selected seals available with tear off for easy handling.

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  • V Ships

    Versapak supplies secure pull seals to V Ships to support environmental regulations