Securing passenger laptops and iPads for International travel


Recent news surrounding the confiscation of laptops and iPads on some US and UK flights has rocked the world of International business travel.  Intercontinental flights usually provide business executives with some uninterrupted time catching up with emails and other work, but that could be about to change for good.

This poses the problem of how the confiscated property is going to be retained (either at the airport or in-flight) and returned safely to the owner.   Fortunately, there is an established solution available.

Versapak has designed and manufactured a bag for this exact purpose.  The bag is padded and secure which ensures that the fragile contents is transported and stored safely.  The most important feature of the bag is the tamper evident closure which is fastened with a security seal.

Versapak security seals work with tamper evident bags by closing the zip on the bag, placing the zip puller in position and inserting the seal into the locking mechanism. When someone lifts the zipper, the seal breaks which means that you can see immediately that the bag has been opened.  This will give the passenger total peace of mind that their valuable property has been kept safe.  Versapak security seals are uniquely numbered and barcoded for track and trace purposes.

Versapak offer two types of secure bags which can be bought online or completely customised in a colour of your choice and printed with airport and airline logos.

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