Tamper Evident Security Seals for Scan4Safety, GS1 and PEPPOL compliance.


Securing and tracking the movements of valuable medical supplies such as pathology samples, medicines and blood has become possible with the totally new patented Versapak ‘T2’ security seal.

Patient samples, drugs and medicines leaving surgeries and hospital departments in reusable transport bags can be sealed with the T2 tamper evident security seal. The seal prevents the opening of the bag unless it is broken. Each seal can be uniquely numbered or barcoded to GS1 standards, so the recipient can record the barcode number and be sure that the contents have not been tampered with in transit. This gives reassurance in the chain of custody.

The continual implementation of GS1 and PEPPOL standards in the NHS will mean that the unique sequential barcode on Versapak T2 seals will be an integral part of track and trace systems. This will be even more relevant for perishable items, vaccines and specialist drugs where both temperature control and speedy shipment are essential.

The T2 seal does all of this and can be printed with a barcode format to suit the operating system for each NHS trust. The seals are also available in a range of different colours.

Sealed pouches can be scanned at the collection point and the system can record the date, time and location on a handheld terminal.  The exercise would be repeated at the delivery point giving accurate track and trace data.

The distinct benefits of using Versapak T2 barcoded seals are as follows:

  • No need to manually record data
  • Easy operation as the seal is more tactile
  • Track and trace route monitoring
  • GS1 and Peppol (Scan4Safety) conformity
  • Confidentiality and security of drugs and medicines
  • Availability of accurate data on delivery performance that can be measured against KPIs
  • Accountability in the supply chain

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