Bespoke Pathology Transport Bags for a Private Laboratory in Greece


Versapak manufactured Pathology Bags to meet Greek regulations concerning sample collection and transportation.

ISTODIEREVNITIKI S.A. is a private Histopathology Laboratory based in Thessaloniki, Greece.  It serves clients ranging from single patients or clinicians to clinics and private hospitals. Collection and transportation of specimens is handled either through their own service or that of hospitals and clinics. The Laboratory was in the process of seeking accreditation for its services under the terms of the ELOT EN ISO 15189:2012 Standard which, together with Greek legislation, has very specific requirements concerning pathology sample collection and transportation.

Following research on the internet, ISTODIEREVNITIKI S.A concluded that Versapak offered a range of products that fulfilled all its needs. They contacted Versapak directly to discuss their requirements.

The terms of ELOT EN ISO 15189:2012 Standard also specifies that specimen carrying bags should be PI650 and UN3373 compliant, with a tamper evident sealing system and labelled with the contents of the bags in Greek. ISTODIEREVNITIKI S.A also wanted their logo to be printed on the bags. Versapak offered the laboratory a bespoke pathology bag that fitted their needs perfectly.

Eleftherios Eleftheriadis MD, PhD, MBA, IFCAP, Managing Director of ISTODIEREVNITIKI S.A. says: “All processes went through within the timeframe we had discussed and accepted. Having received our order and using the bags together with Numbered Security Seals on a daily basis for approximately 6 months, now we are satisfied both with the quality and value offered. Additionally we have distributed the bags to the transportation services of collaborating hospitals and clinics which are very happy to use them.”

As the first Histopathology Laboratory to be accredited in Greece under the ISO 15189:2012 Standard, ISTODIEREVNITIKI S.A continues to work with Versapak and intends to recommend the company’s products to any of their colleagues with similar needs.