Cash is King – Handle with care!


In a world where we have all embraced the experience and convenience of digital shopping and digital banking through enhanced mobile ‘apps’ , it may appear that cash is in the decline phase of its life on this planet.

This may be so, but consider these facts that confirm cash as still have several generations of life left in it yet:

  • Nearly 84% of global retail transactions use cash.
  • There are still 2 billion unbanked people in the world. And don’t think this is a third world thing…
    • 28% of households in the United States depend on cash to live!
    • 79% of payments in Germany are made in cash, according to the Bundesbank.
  • There are 360 billion banknotes in circulation, with 150 billion new ones printed each year, and many countries are introducing new polymer banknotes to replace paper. Cash continues to innovate!
  • In the world today, 3 million ATMs dispense cash at a rate of $400,000 per second!

So, what is a business to do?  While cash is still the king, handle your cash with care. From pay point, to counting house and onwards to bank – organisations should treat their cash as precious and use secure, durable, tamper evident bags to securely transport money and ensure that hard earned cash stays safe.

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