• Twinings

    Twinings Tea use Versapak bags to transfer vital documents between departments

Twinings has been making tea for over 300 years and holds the world record for the longest continually used logo. They contacted Versapak to help them with transferring and circulating important documents between their departments, offices and locations. They needed robust bags that would keep their paperwork neat, organised and tamper evident.

Versapak recommended two sizes of our document/mail pouches with gussets. Versapak manufacture the bags to the highest standards and because they are made from high quality, durable, weather-resistant material it means that the bags won’t tear or burst. Like all our bags, Twinings can use the Versapak pouches over 2,000 times and we guarantee them for 5 years. The pouches are a cost-effective and reusable alternative to envelopes, helping Twinings reduce their waste.

  • Secure Holdall

    Versapak's secure holdalls are an integral part of procedures in banks, offices, retail outlets and document storage facilities

  • T2, T, Button and Arrow Seals

    Versapak's security seals are used to provide an indication of tampering and act as a deterrent against unauthorised access

  • Bespoke Bags

    We understand our customers exact requirements so that we can provide the most suitable and cost effective solution to their needs.  Versapak can custom make any bag and we manufacture our products in our own factory in Europe

  • Secure Cash Bag

    Versapak's secure cash bags assist in transporting and storing bank notes, coins and other valuable items