• The Brush Belt Company

    The Versapak bespoke solutions team worked with the customer to create a bag unlike any available on the market

Professional makeup artists need to have the right brush at their fingertips. When Sally Beighton, the founder of The Brush Belt Company, developed a new kind of professional brush bag, she came to Versapak to help her realise her vision. Sally needed each section of the bag to be a specific size for each brush, with clear pockets on the front for eye shadow and cotton wool. Everything had to be quick and easy to find so that the makeup artist on a high-pressure photo-shoot, could do their job professionally and efficiently. The Brush Belt Company is a small, start-up business, so budgets were a factor, as well as responsive design and production schedules. The Versapak bespoke team met Sally to discuss how best to address her project.


The customer had done the research into what makeup artists needed and Versapak brought more than 40 years of experience in specialist bag manufacture to the table. Versapak created a prototype bag and then produced ten bags to test in the marketplace. The original production run was very well received, and The Brush Belt Company came back for more, making some small adjustments based on customer feedback. Since our first project with The Brush Belt Company, we have helped Sally extend her portfolio of bags for professional makeup artists. “I have been very pleased with the service I’ve received from Versapak”, said Sally Beighton, founder. “Their knowledge and experience have made the whole experience very easy, and I am very happy with the final product; it fits my needs perfectly.


The Versapak team kept me constantly updated throughout the production process; my goods were delivered on time and the quality exceeded my expectations.” Ian Denny Anderson of Versapak also commented: “The bespoke solutions team love a challenge and so were delighted to receive the enquiry from Sally. The request to design a bag for professional makeup artists is a very different project for us and so we were excited to use our experience in designing something different.”

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