About Us


Versapak believes in ethical manufacturing and reusable products

Versapak is committed to managing the impacts our actions have and we have designed the Versapak Sustainability strategy that identifies, monitors and improves on how we can affect how we encourage sustainability improvements with our customers, how we implement initiatives with suppliers and how we conduct ourselves internally.  We have implemented objectives and measures that will help us on our journey to being a more responsible organisation.  Our Vision is to make everything we do in business, secure a future for all businesses and our mission is to ‘be the advocate of reusable / renewables by making them our values, our core element to trading and foundation of everyday operations’.


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Our products, services, suppliers and company operations are maximising reusability and efficiency on a daily basis.  From the recycling of wasted injection moulded parts in the factory, to encouraging and rewarding the return of the used ‘single use’ plastics for re-introduction into the manufacturing process.  We carefully measure the consumption of raw materials and work hard to improve output, whilst ensuring our suppliers are also responsible in their part of the supply-chain process.


Our strategy is formed of three principles

  • Reuse
  • Renew
  • Recycle

Naturally less wasteful

Versapak makes bags that can be used at least 2,000 times; we are passionate about making quality products that last. We guarantee all of our bags for at least five years, and we have customers who have been using the same bags for decades. For us, that is just our starting point. We balance our use of robust materials with ensuring we are sourcing from reputable and responsible suppliers.


Good Work

As a manufacturer, we believe it is crucial to deliver the best quality to our customers. At Versapak, we have regular, independent sustainability audits, and we are proud to report that our most recent report was excellent. The auditors looked at all aspects of the Versapak operation to ensure that our facilities and processes met acceptable levels of welfare and conditions for all our staff.

We recently conducted an Energy Savings and Efficiency report in our UK headquarters.  It had identified that we could make a substantial cost energy and cost saving by replacing existing lighting with new technology, energy saving LED bulbs.  This is one of many of the ‘Versapak Sustainability Initiatives’ benefiting our organisation, for the future of all businesses.
Ian Denny Anderson, Chairman, said: “Versapak prides itself on making quality products in our European production facility, and we’ve always insisted on the highest levels of staff and environmental welfare. We are pleased with the report, and we will continue to invest in staff and resources to keep us at the forefront of ethical manufacturing.”


Royal Seal of Approval

Any British company would be proud to boast a Royal Warrant, but to Versapak, it is more than just a seal of approval. We know that this is something we need to work for, and so we consistently strive to meet quality, environmental and welfare standards. The Royal Warrant is a guarantee of extra scrutiny of our products and our processes.