About Us

How to become a Distributor

Versapak are looking for distributors and partners in new territories around the world

We want to grow our distributor network and will consider approaches from sector specialists as well as companies that want to add our product range to their existing portfolio.

We already have International partners who help us distribute to a broad mix of retail, banking, medical and logistics companies. The products we design, manufacture, and deliver have already proven successful in a wide range of territories – and have been profitable for our partners.

If you are interested in working with us, we want to hear from you. Initially, we would like you to consider the following:

1. Review our product range and consider whether you could represent us in your market sector or region
2. Show how you think your credentials and experience would compliment Versapak’s business goals
3. Research your potential customers, professional organisations and events that will help bring Versapak products to your market
4. Develop a marketing plan to show how you would reach potential markets

Once you have drafted your ideas, please contact us and we will arrange for further discussions.

Versapak believes in mutually profitable partnerships and we have a reputation for building and maintaining lasting relationships.

Please read a testimonial from one of our distributors below:


“We are proud to have been associated with Versapak International Limited since 1990.

Versapak products are well accepted by our customers who are very satisfied with quality and convenience of usage.  Several of our customers have been using Versapak products for 18 years and continue to do so.

One vital aspect of success is due to the excellent support we received from the Versapak Team.

It is our pleasure to be part of Versapak and representing their products in United Arab Emirates.”