Influenza – are you prepared?


As flu season this year is set to coincide with coronavirus, the UK government have said thirty million people are to be offered a free flu vaccination, aiming to help protect against a potential surge in coronavirus cases during the colder months.


The government have said “the most comprehensive flu programme in UK history will be rolled out this winter” as they announced plans to extend its free flu vaccination programme to those who are classed as vulnerable, the over 50’s and year seven (11-12 year-olds). Anyone living in a household with someone on the NHS shielding list will also be eligible for a free flu vaccination along with health and social care workers. The flu immunisation programme starts in September and the aim is to double the usual amount of vaccinations given.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “We are now taking another important step to help protect the wider public by giving the flu vaccination to more people than ever before. This will be the biggest flu vaccination programme in history and will help protect our NHS as we head into winter.”

Influenza vaccination by nurse

The extension of the flu programme comes following warnings from health experts about a possible spike in coronavirus cases in winter, and this coupled with seasonal flu could potentially overwhelm the NHS. The Prime Minister has urged the public to get the vaccination in a bid to avoid this happening.

Versapak Vaccine Carriers Range

Versapak can provide Insulated Medical Vaccine Carriers, already used widely by the NHS to store or transport vaccinations. Our carriers can be used in a variety of settings such as in clinics and surgeries with multiple consultation rooms.  Each would use a Vaccine Carrier so that a practitioner or nurse can store vaccines in their room for the day and they will remain at the required temperature. With twice the amount of vaccinations being offered, doctors will want to have the vaccinations close to hand which is why Versapak’s Vaccine Carriers are ideal.

Our Vaccine Carriers are lightweight and easy to carry, a great solution for nurses that need to make home-visits to carry out inoculations and as the Vaccine Carriers are insulated, the contents will stay at the correct temperature for up to 12 hours, meaning the nurse can carry out vaccinations for a long period of time. For the schools, where many vaccines are required at once, we manufacture a large carrier, with an internal capacity of 3 litres. More than enough for any one school.

Versapak Vaccine Carriers feature our patented T2 Locking System that accepts T2 Security Seals. This will allow responsible persons to maintain a chain-of-custody, ensuring accountability when vaccinations are being transported to various locations.

As with all our Versapak’s, the Vaccine Carriers come with a 5 year guarantee and can be reused over 2,000 times. They provide a simple, cost effective alternative to refrigeration of vaccines during the time when mass administration is needed.  With 6, 18 and 35 litre carry options available, each capable of accommodating additional cooling packs to extend the thermal duration and a temperature monitor pocket, all secured by Versapaks Tamper Evident T2 system, Versapak have winter all wrapped up!