Versapak Launches a 100% Recycled Tamper Evident Seal


Versapak launches a recycled tamper evident seal made from 100% returned, remoulded plastic waste.


Versapak, the manufacturer of tamper evident pouches and security seals launches its latest innovation, the Versapak Recycled T2 Security Seal, made from 100% returned, recycled plastic; saving the environment from mountains of plastic material heading for landfill, that takes decades to degrade.

We’ve pioneered sustainable solutions since 1973, when Versapak launched its very first reusable Versapak and for over 45 years now we have been a centre of excellence for reusable transport bags and holdalls for organisations worldwide. In fact, we believe for every Versapak sold, we stopped enough single-use plastic bags entering landfill to cover an entire football pitch!

The Versapak Recycled T2 range adds to our arsenal of environmentally conscious products and we take pride in the good this will do for the world around us. The project to introduce recycled material into our product design stemmed from the Versapak Sustainability Strategy and initiatives and it has become the cornerstone of our vision 2020 strategy. In fact, the strategy earned us the reapplication of the Royal Warrant appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and we continue to wear this honour with pride.


A word from the chairman

“We have created this new security seal following numerous requests from our customers who have become more conscious about the damage that single-use plastic is inflicting on the world around us. We are proud to be the first security seal organisation to offer a recycled seal and this is a testament to our marketing and product development team” said Ian Denny Anderson, Versapak’s Founder and Chairman.


About the Versapak Recycled T2 Security

The Versapak Recycled T2 Seal features 2 prongs for extra security offering the ultimate level of tamper evident protection. Our unique patented design makes it large enough to be uniquely numbered and personalised with most logos and barcode formats, allowing Versapak’s to be tracked throughout their journey. The T2 Seal’s design also guarantees against debris build up, helping to prolong the life of the Versapaks.

The Recycled T2 Security Seal complements the existing Versapaks with a T2 locking mechanism. It is available as a numbered, printed or barcoded security seal. It will be of particular interest to organisations that want to track the contents of their Versapak bags through their business systems.