Versapak Receives Sustainability Certification from The Planet Mark


Versapak is delighted to receive certification from The Planet Mark for recording, monitoring and improving its carbon impact.  In October 2019, Versapak submitted and published its carbon emissions based on the monitoring and scoring activities, set out by the The Planet Mark, with a strategy that improves on its environmental impact.


Versapak’s Sustainability Strategy

This strategy centred on 3 core elements.  Its customers, suppliers and its internal stakeholders.


Our Customers

We pride ourselves on the mailing and transport solutions we produce that were designed to be reusable.  In fact, we’ve been making reusable products since 1973 and reusable solutions is at the core of our business. Versapak customers are also invited to join the ‘Recycle Your Seals’ scheme in the UK with tremendous take-up. Over 200 participating outlets now return the single-use seals which we send off for recycling, rather than the waste plastic pollution entering our landfill.  The result of processing this returned plastic was our ability to develop a completely new, Recycled Seal, made from 100% remnants of old plastic, thus completing the circle and being a fully, carbon neutral sealing solution.


Our Suppliers

We endeavour to source sustainability.  From the Nylon-PVC plastic that is used in our reusable bags, to the seals that are produced to make a tamper evident Versapak.  We source suppliers that have a  sustainability strategy and are also finding ways to manage or offset their impact on the environment.  Finally, our own manufacturing organisation uses renewable’s and we monitor and measure our operation very carefully in order that processes at the highest levels of efficiency to save on wasted energy and resources.



Versapak launched its sustainability strategy in 2018, focusing on ways to improve operations and today this means we are proud holders of a Royal Warrant appointment by Her Majesty the Queen. This meant also monitoring and improving with the help of our employees.  We rolled out training and measures that helped us reduce on the heating and lighting, water consumption and waste disposal.  Simple but effective training that encouraged switching off the lights, reporting leaks, thinking before printing – all internal ways to reduce wastage and maximise our efficiency as an organisation.



About The Planet Mark™


The Planet Mark™ is a sustainability certification awarded to businesses, buildings and project that are demonstrating a commitment to improve their carbon footprint year on year. Our specialist Certification Team provides independent, impartial advice and will support you with your measuring and reporting. The Planet Mark™ is the wholly-owned property of Planet First, a sustainability consultancy specialising in carbon footprinting, stakeholder engagement, communications and strategy.


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