Everything we learnt at the ACCE 2018


Keep on reading to see what Versapak’s Fabio De Jesus and Alin Ioanes learnt from their time in Las Vegas as they exhibited at the Anti-Counterfeit and Currency Expo 2018.


The future

The abundance of tracking software for cash logistics certainly showed Alin and Fabio that the future for currencies is prosperous. With smartphone authentication coming from the likes of TruNote (a company that’s app detects and authenticates bank notes in an incredibly short space of time) as well as companies like CCL Secure and their coveted banknote substrate, Guardian, which has been issued on more than 140 denominations and commemorative banknotes in over 30 countries. These special notes contain a polymer substrate, making them 10 times more secure, 75% cleaner, more durable and up to 60% more eco-friendly. Ultimately the world of secure cash logistics has seen some great additions (including Tamper-evident reusable bags) over recent years, and it looks like these aren’t likely to stop anytime soon!


Cash isn’t off anytime soon

We learnt that cash isn’t off anytime soon – and so it comes as little surprise to learn that products used to move cash securely aren’t either! The 2018 World Cash Report  corroborates this, finding that it is still the cornerstone of transactions for many individuals who wish to participate in an economic society – although from a critical standpoint, a company like G4S has a key interest in promoting the use of cash as they’re a cash logistics operator… so such figures are to be expected!


Plastic Vs Metal

A final thing we learnt at the show was that many consumers are still apprehensive about a few things with regards to plastic- at least certainly stateside. Versapak exhibited amongst 5 single-use bag manufacturers and a lot of companies in the US are still using such bags and throwing them away after one use. Such is the way for money storage in polythene bags with the case of ink-staining cassettes. Companies could be environmentally better off by implementing a reusable bag, such as a Versapak, so that the need for single-use poly bags is ceased.

What’s more, consumers attending the show felt that plastic seals were inferior to metal ones that they were typically used to when transporting goods. By way of reassurance, Versapak has been operating since 1973, and with over 45 years of experience, we’ve transported millions of £’s worth of goods – and the Security Seals which are used to secure our Tamper Evident bags  can be recycled via our Recycle Your Seal initiative.

If you spoke with Fabio & Alin at the show and would like to get in touch with either them, you can do exactly that via their LinkedIn pages, here  and here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here for any general enquiries or queries you may have.