New healthcare products help hospitals reduce costs while improving results.


Versapak, a world leader in tamper evident secure packaging, have partnered with BioCote® to introduce a great new product for hospitals, which can reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes, at the same time. Versapak have designed a range of anti-microbial medical transport bags, for transporting blood, breast milk, human tissue and cancer / vaccine drugs.

Kills over 90% of MRSA bacteria in one hour


BioCote® is another great British invention – incorporated into the fabric itself, it actively reduces the colonisation of bacteria, viruses and prevents mould. For example, after one hour, over 90% of MRSA bacteria on BioCote® material are eliminated. This helps to keep patients safer, while reducing the amount of time and resources hospitals spend on cleaning and hygiene.


In these days of antibiotic resistant superbugs, knowing that you can rely on everyday support equipment to help eliminate bacteria is a significant benefit for all healthcare professionals. And with healthcare budgets tighter than ever, saving money on cleanliness and hygiene is always very welcome.

Versapak’s anti-microbial medical bags do not require any special chemicals, and they can be re-used more than 2,000 times. BioCote® keeps on working for the whole lifetime of the bag.   Additionally, the Versapak’s comply with UN3373 & P650 standards for packaging and moving contents.  You need to seal the bag to be UN3373 compliant.


In addition to BioCote® technology, Versapak insulated medical bags maintain the inside temperature for up to 6 hours, and all bags feature Versapak’s patented T2 tamper-evident security sealing system, designed to maintain the ‘chain of custody’.


Versapak, based in Erith, Kent, have produced a string of innovative products over the last 45 years, which are used all over the world. Their work has already been recognised with a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen for tamper evident bags and security seals. Now their new anti-microbial bags, which are a major development in healthcare, look set to be another great export product created by a British company.


Versapak have their own factory in the EU, where the range is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions. Medical bags are available in a range of sizes, and Versapak can also custom design them to size and with personalisation, to suit customers’ exact requirements.


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