Versapak Product spotlight – Versapak T2 Security Seals


At Versapak we pride ourselves on manufacturing the most superior, secure and sustainable tamper evident products.


Our most recent addition to the tamper evident seal family is our innovative T2 seal.  Its unique patented design with an enlarged printable surface space allows for the increased readability of barcodes, personalised branding and numbers.  Versapak T2 security seals are extremely diverse in terms of use and industry application.  When used in the ‘chain of custody’, the T2 can assist with locating where goods are throughout the supply chain and allow secure movement of items such as cash, documents and medical samples to name just a few.


Many of the NHS customers we supply feel that the Versapak T2 security seal has provided a secure and robust solution for them when tracking documents and securing blood samples. Our Tamper Evident Medical carriers are also UN3373 and P650 compliant.


Unlike traditional lock and key security which can easily be picked and resealed, Versapak security seals show evidence of tampering and act as a deterrent against unauthorised access, making sure that whatever you need secured, you can be confident that there has been no malicious attempts to access the contents of your Versapak.


The T2 is available in an array of colours and can be numbered or barcoded. The T2 can also be printed with your company name or bespoke requirement.


The Versapak T2 seal

  • 2 prongs for maximum security
  • Guaranteed against debris build up prolongs the life of the bag that you use the seal with.
  • Each seal can be printed with a unique number and up to 6 letters of your choice
  • T2 seals come in packs of 500 seals