• Tamper Evident Solutions and Secure Logistics

    We develop, manufacture and deliver a range of fit for purpose solutions, including medical transportation and money transport

At Versapak, we build close, long-lasting relationships with our customers. We listen to what our customers want, and we develop, manufacture and quickly deliver a product range that is fit for purpose. We have worked in every sector; from banking to telecoms, medical transportation to retail, making sure our clients have the best tamper evident solutions to meet their needs.

  • Temperature Controlled Bag

    Versapak's insulated medical carriers keep contents temperature controlled

  • Secure Cash Bag

    Versapak's secure cash bags assist in transporting and storing bank notes, coins and other valuable items

  • Ballot Box

    The Versapak Ballot Box is designed to ensure secure and fair elections

  • Secure Holdall

    Versapak's secure holdalls are an integral part of procedures in banks, offices, retail outlets and document storage facilities