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Recycle Your Seals

Versapak Security Recycling Programme

Versapak tamper evident reusable bags and security seals are ideal for ensuring a chain of custody of your sensitive items when sending from one location to another.  Single use security seals are far better for the environment than single use plastic polythene bags.  Our reusable bags can last up to 2,000 times and are covered by a 5 year guarantee, saving cost and the environment.


However, whilst these bags could be sent multiple times, the tamper evident seals could only be used once before being discarded.


In the spirit of the Versapak Sustainability Initiatives, we are introducing a recycling programme on single use seals.

Now you can do more to help recycle and save the environment.


Versapaks Recycle Your Seals programme is a participation event only.  Please complete a contact form and submit:




We will then register your involvement and send you a complimentary reusable freepost bag to collect your seals.  If you require more bags, we can make additional bags at a minimal charge (cost plus handling).

Terms apply
  • Participation required, please complete the attached form to join
  •  Participants must have previously purchased T2, T, Button or Arrow security seals from Versapak.
  • Fair usage policy applies (returned seals must have been purchased from Versapak).
  • Versapak reserve the right to withdraw freepost bag / remove participation.
  • Versapak reserve the right to amend or cancel recycle scheme at any time.
  • Applicable from 1st October 2017.
  • Limited to UK customers only.
  • No other reward or money back applicable to returned goods.